Welcome to Johnson Language Arts

The year 2013 marks 24 successful years in business for Johnson Language Arts and its sole proprietor, award-winning editor and writer Gary Johnson.

  • A skilled and judicious editor,
  • no-nonsense corporate communicator and
  • expert copyeditor,

Gary remains in demand with his stable of longtime, loyal clients because he is

  • knowledgeable,
  • reliable,
  • affordable
  • and extremely detail-oriented —

whether helping to create a project from the ground up or polishing the efforts of others.

JLA’s client list includes:

  • major entertainment companies
  • leading auto and toy makers
  • national real estate franchisors
  • top accounting/consulting companies
  • large HMOs
  • prominent design firms

JLA is not an online editing business where your precious writing may be mangled by some nameless, faceless editor of unknown qualifications who’s part of a “team.” Gary personally handles everything that comes into the office. No one else will be editing your projects.

He doesn’t do layout or website design, and doesn’t have a blog. He is a writer and editor whose sole concern is applying his language skills to improving your work product.